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Karel Matěj Čapek Chod

Writer, dramatist and journalist. His characteristic style was an ironic imitation of the things that his contemporaries took seriously.

Svatopluk Čech

Poet whose works represent the culmination of 19th-century Czech versified story and prose writer who created a satirical image of petty bourgeois. He belonged to the Ruch generation and was regarded by his admirers as the prince of Czech literary Parnassus.

František Ladislav Čelakovský

Poet of the National Revival, translator and publisher of Czech and Slavonic folklore poems and proverbs. He emphasized the importance of oral tradition, which he put into the context of European culture.

Václav Černý

Literary historian, critic and essayist, comparatist, expert in Romance studies and translator. He participated in the renewal of interest in Baroque culture and other literary and social activities.


Specialized comic magazine based on the eponymous series of four animal protagonists. It has the longest publication history and is intended for children aged 6 to 13.

The Daughter of Sláva

A long poem by Ján Kollár in which he emphasised his opinions about Pan-Slavism.

Jakub Deml

Poet, Catholic priest, prose writer and translator from German and Latin. His oeuvre, consisting of different genres, is permeated by religious faith. However, his dream texts foreshadow Surrealist experiments.

Devětsil Union of Modern Culture

Important avant-garde association of writers, theoreticians, architects, theatre artists and fine artists. It organised different cultural events, mostly in the spirit of left-wing politics.


Satirical pro-communist weekly magazine, published from 1945 to 1989.

Josef Dobrovský

Linguist, lexicographer, historian, polyglot, one of the most important Enlightenment intellectuals. He founded Slavonic studies, linguistic and literary-historical Bohemian studies, as well as Palaeoslavonic studies, described the modern literary Czech language, stimulated the development of national revival in the Czech and other Slavonic peoples.

Lubomír Doležel

Czech linguist and theoretician of literature focusing on stylistics, narratology and the fictional worlds theory. He worked not only in Czechoslovakia, but also in the USA and most of all in Canada and in the Czech Republic.

Jan Drda

Prose writer, journalist, dramatist and screenwriter. His works are inspired by folklore and fairy-tale allegory on current topics is a common element in his works.

Jaroslav Durych

Prose writer, poet and dramatist who based his work on a Baroque view of the world. He criticised democratic liberalism in literature and in life.

Viktor Dyk

Poet, prose writer and dramatist. In his youth, he was a prominent representative of the generation of the so-called “rebels”. Conflicts between ideals and reality dominated his later works.

Barbora Markéta Eliášová

Czech explorer, writer and teacher, the first Czech woman to make a trip around the world at the beginning of the 20th century.

Karel Jaromír Erben

Czech writer, poet, translator, collector of Czech folk songs and tales, notable representative of Czech literary Biedermeier, best known as the author of the book of poems A Bouquet of Folk Legends (Kytice z pověstí národních (1853).

Ferda Mravenec

Drawn character from Czech comics, film series and books. Its author is the writer and illustrator Ondřej Sekora.

Josef Florian

Prominent publisher and translator who played a decisive role in the revival of cultural Catholicism in the Czech lands. He edited the magazine of Catholic Modernism Nový život (New Life).

Alberto Vojtěch Frič

Czech explorer, botanist, ethnographer, writer and photographer. South American Indians called him Karaí Pukú (Long Hunter) and in Europe he was nicknamed Cactus Hunter.

František Gellner

Poet, painter, caricaturist, mostly published in the magazines Moderní revue and Nový kult. He earned the label “poet of anarchistic dreams and perverted sex”.

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