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Alberto Vojtěch Frič

Czech explorer, botanist, ethnographer, writer and photographer. South American Indians called him Karaí Pukú (Long Hunter) and in Europe he was nicknamed Cactus Hunter.

Antonín Holý

World acclaimed Czech scientist who developed drugs for treating patients infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS.

Alois Musil

Czech Catholic priest, theologian, expert in Biblical studies, explorer, ethnographer and writer, the most important European orientalist and Arabist of his time.

Josef Sekyra

Czech geologist, rock climber, adventurer, polar explorer and an internationally acknowledged scientist. In 1969, he became the first Czechoslovak to reach the South Pole.

Vladimír Svatý

World famous Czech inventor in the field of textile production. He was made famous by the invention of the air-jet loom, which resulted in radical changes in the weaving technology, weaving machines and textile factories around the world.

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