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Breading (trojobal)

Coating food in flour, egg wash and bread crumbs before frying in grease. A typical Czech method of preparing food.

Carp in Czech cuisine

The most popular freshwater fish in Czech cuisine, traditionally served on Christmas.

Czech agricultural products protected by the European Union

A list of Czech agricultural products and foodstuffs protected by the European Union.

Hořice Filled Wafers

Traditional Czech pastry protected by the European Union.


Ready-made meals served in restaurants or at home.

Kermesse (posvícení)

Traditional festivities in which people enjoy diverse and rich food and dances. The Czech word posvícení denotes days full of prosperity, abundance and merriment and is commonly used in the set phrase není každý den posvícení (“not every day is a Kermesse/holiday”), meaning that blissful days do not last forever.


Czech non-alcoholic beverage. It was meant to replace Coca-Cola in socialist Czechoslovakia. A popular beverage made from herbs, fruit, liquorice and caffeine, made in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) since 1960.

Mushroom Kuba

Traditional Czech Christmas dish made from dry mushrooms, groats, bacon, onions and spices.

Mushrooms as a schnitzel

Mushrooms breaded as a schnitzel are one of the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine.

Mushrooms in Czech cuisine

Mushrooms are one of the most popular ingredients in Czech cuisine because their collection (mushroom picking) is a common weekend pastime among Czech families.

Nanuk, frozen desserts - Míša, Eskymo, Polárka, Polárka cake

Nanuk, frozen desserts – Míša, Eskymo, Polárka, Polárka cake – have been popular since the socialist era and in many they evoke nostalgic memories of childhood or going to the cinema, where they were sold.

Olomouc Cheese

Traditional Czech food product protected by the European Union.

Pardubice Gingerbread

Traditional Czech pastry protected by the European Union.

Pig slaughter

Ritual killing of domestic pig in the Czech countryside.


Semi-solid food made from milk or water and cereals, legumes, vegetables or potatoes. It was the basis of Czech country cuisine until the end of the 18th century.

Potato salad

A favourite Czech dish, also served as a part of the Christmas Eve dinner.

Pub food

In Czech pubs, even those that do not have a kitchen, it is possible to order classic pub food. It includes utopenci, sausages (vuřty) with onions, pickled cheese (nakládaný hermelín) and brawn (tlačenka) with onions.

Sausages (špekáčky)

Czech smoked meat product protected by the European Union.


Smaženice, or praženice, is a dish made from mushrooms, eggs, onions and spices.


A specialty that is regarded as the pride of Czech cuisine. Sirloin steak with sauce made from root vegetables and cream, usually served with bread dumplings.

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