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Bloody Knee (Krvavé koleno)

A group game for children, with elements of horror.


A widespread game with different versions, played by children and adults.

Counting-out rhymes

Traditional rhymes used for randomly selecting a player from a group of two or more.

Duck, Duck, Goose (Chodí pešek okolo)

A traditional Czech children’s game with a counting-out rhyme. References to the word pešek appear in everyday communication by adults.


One of the most common Czech counting-out rhymes, which virtually every Czech child knows. References to it may be heard even in casual conversations between adult people.

Enyky benyky

One of the most common and mysterious of children’s counting-out rhymes, based on a distinctive and regular rhythm.

Golden Gate (zlatá brána)

Children’s physical game with a rhyme, whose text is also used a counting-out rhyme.

Hedgehog in the Cage

A legendary puzzle, the most famous mechanical puzzle in the Czech Republic. It became a unique phenomenon of Czech culture.

Honza, get up! (Honzo, vstávej!)

Children’s outdoor game for three or more players in which animal movements are imitated.

Hot and cold (Samá voda, přihořívá, hoří!)

A widespread children’s game for two or more players, with a traditional dialogue. References to the game appear in everyday conversations of both children and adults.

Man, Don't Get Angry!

A traditional game for two to six players of any age. It is one of the most popular among Czech family games.

Pexeso (Memory)

A very widespread and popular card game from 1965, designed in Czechoslovakia by Zdeněk Princ. A Pexeso set contains cards with pairs of identical images. The player who finds the most pairs wins.

Ring a Ring o' Roses (Kolo kolo mlýnské)

Traditional Czech children’s game accompanied by a song. It is one of the most common games with many regional versions.

Stork lost its cap (Čáp ztratil čepičku)

Czech outdoor game for any number of children. Quick perception and agility are important for the game.

Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade (Cukr, káva, limonáda)

A group physical game that almost every Czech child knows.

Tag (na babu)

A group game in which children chase each other. It is one of the most common active games and also one of the oldest games in the world.

Tichá pošta (Chinese whispers)

A group game that virtually every Czech child knows. References to it appear in everyday conversations among adults as well.

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