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Central state administration bodies

State administration bodies on the highest organisational level, characterised by nationwide scope and superiority to other administration bodies from their field of activity. There are two types: ministries and “other” central administration authorities.

Constitution of the Czech Republic

Supreme law defining the fundamental relations in the state. It came into force on 1 January 1993. It emphasises the Czech Republic as a democratic state ruled by law and defines the rules of organisation and activities of the most important state administration bodies.

Constitutional Court

Court that is responsible for protecting constitutionality. Formally, it is outside the general court system.

Czech National Bank

Central bank of the Czech Republic. Its main purpose is to preserve price stability.

Educational trails

A type of hiking trails widespread in the Czech Republic, featuring information boards about the area the trail passes through.

Government of the Czech Republic

The highest body of executive power. It is a collective body consisting of the Prime Minister, deputy prime ministers and ministers. Its position is regulated by Chapter Three of the Constitution.


Public office created for the purpose of protecting individuals from unlawful actions by public offices and other institutions. Ombudsman is responsible to the Assembly of Deputies and his term of office lasts for six years.

Parliament of the Czech Republic

Legislative power is vested in the Parliament. It consists of two chambers: the Assembly of Deputies and the Senate.

President of the Czech Republic

Official head of state. In domestic policy, he is a stabilising element and a figure who represents all citizens, while in foreign policy he represents the Czech Republic at the international level.

State symbols

Symbols with representative, identification and integration function. State symbols of the Czech Republic are the large and the small state emblems, the state colours, the state flag, the standard of the President of the Czech Republic, the state seal and the national anthem.

Supreme Auditing Office

Independent entity controlling the management of state property, government procurement contracts and the implementation of the state budget.

Territorial self-government

Territorial community of citizens who have the right to self-government. This right is based on the Constitution of the Czech Republic. Two kinds are recognised: municipalities, as basic units of self-government, and regions, as higher territorial self-government units.

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