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Egon Bondy

Poet, prose writer, dramatist, philosopher and an influential figure of Czech underground. His verses were set to music by the band Plastic People of the Universe.

Emanuel Bozděch

Dramatist and dramaturg famous for his history plays. He also translated and introduced the genre of conversational comedy into Czech repertoire.

Jan Drda

Prose writer, journalist, dramatist and screenwriter. His works are inspired by folklore and fairy-tale allegory on current topics is a common element in his works.

Jaroslav Durych

Prose writer, poet and dramatist who based his work on a Baroque view of the world. He criticised democratic liberalism in literature and in life.

Viktor Dyk

Poet, prose writer and dramatist. In his youth, he was a prominent representative of the generation of the so-called “rebels”. Conflicts between ideals and reality dominated his later works.

Vítězslav Hálek

Poet, prose writer, dramatist, literary and theatre critic, feuilletonist and journalist. He is one of the leading representatives of the generation of the almanac Máj (May). His poetry was mostly about love and nature, while in prose he focused on social conflicts in the Czech countryside.

Václav Havel

Czech dramatist, one of the most significant Czech authors of the Theatre of the Absurd, poet, political dissident, the last Czechoslovak president (1989–1992) and the first President of the Czech Republic (1993–2003).

Alois Jirásek

Prose writer and dramatist who described historical events in minute details and thus brought the described periods closer to the reader. His work is the pinnacle of Czech literature of the national revival, which was subsequently often cited as the desired way of relating to the past.

Václav Kliment Klicpera

A prolific dramatist whose works are a part of the foundations of Czech drama. His plays were inspired by popular literature and German pre-Romantic dramaturgy. He was also an actor, director and organiser of amateur theatre.

Ladislav Klíma

A prominent philosopher and writer, one of a few Czech “poète maudit”. He wrote several prose works and dramas that were radical for his time.

Milan Kundera

Prose writer, essayist and dramatist. He used to write in Czech, but nowadays he mostly writes in French. He is one of the most successful and translated authors of Czech descent.

Pavel Kyrmezer

Writer, dramatist and priest of Slovak origin. His plays represent one of the most mature expressions of Czech drama in the 16th century.

František Langer

Dramatist and prose writer of the so-called Čapek generation. Unlike the other author of the Avant-Garde period, he adhered to realism in his plays and dealt with existentialist and moral questions of human life.

Miloš Macourek

Film and television screenwriter, poet and dramatist. He became famous as author of original screenplays for film comedies, television series and animated bedtime stories.

Ferdinand Břetislav Mikovec

Dramatist and theatre critic who considerably contributed to a change in the perception of theatre as an educational institution towards a concept recognising its artistic function and value.

Alois Mrštík

Writer and dramatist, famous for the play Maryša, as well as the chronicle novel A Year in a Village (Rok na vsi).

Vilém Mrštík

Writer, dramatist and literary critic. His work spans Realism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau and early Expressionism. He is also the author of Bestia triumphans (1897), a manifesto opposing the urban renewal scheme of the historic centre of Prague.

Boleslav Polívka

Theatre and film actor, director, screenwriter, dramatist, mime and clown. He is currently one of the most popular film and television actors in the Czech Republic, known abroad as well.

Gabriela Preissová

Dramatist, writer, dramaturg of the National Theatre. The operatic version by the composer Leoš Janáček of the original realist drama Její pastorkyňa brought her work worldwide fame.

Ladislav Smoljak

Distinguished theatre and film director, screenwriter, dramatist, actor and teacher. One of the co-founders and prominent figures of the Jára Cimrman Theatre.

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