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Karel Havlíček Borovský

Poet, journalist, politician and author or epigrams, founder of Czech journalism and literary criticism. He was highly respected by his contemporaries. His work is not extensive, but still important in spite of its apparent one-sidedness.

František Ladislav Čelakovský

Poet of the National Revival, translator and publisher of Czech and Slavonic folklore poems and proverbs. He emphasized the importance of oral tradition, which he put into the context of European culture.

The Daughter of Sláva

A long poem by Ján Kollár in which he emphasised his opinions about Pan-Slavism.

Václav Kliment Klicpera

A prolific dramatist whose works are a part of the foundations of Czech drama. His plays were inspired by popular literature and German pre-Romantic dramaturgy. He was also an actor, director and organiser of amateur theatre.

Manuscripts of Dvůr Králové and Zelená Hora

Literary forgeries that were claimed to contain records of the first Czech oral literature. The texts represent important works of poetry of the Czech National Revival.

Matice česká

Cultural institution at the Czech Museum, founded by a group of patriots from the initiative by František Palacký. It was created for the purpose of publishing and disseminating Czech professional literature, later also fiction.

Božena Němcová

Czech writer, regarded as the founder of modern Czech prose. Her narratives captivated several generations of readers. Her portrait features on the 500 crown bank note.

Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek

Dramatist, translator and theatre director who shaped the national revivalist theatre in the first half of the 19th century.

Josef Kajetán Tyl

Playwright, director, actor, translator, writer and journalist who devoted virtually his entire life to theatre. After 1918, the poem Where is my home? (Kde domov můj?) became a part of the national anthem.

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