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A creature from Czech legends, a man living in water. He can make friends with people, but near water he often represents danger for them because he can drown them even in a small amount of water.

White Lady

Female character from legends connected with many Czech castles and chateaux, a ghost usually appearing in a place where a woman had allegedly been killed or was otherwise hurt. She is dressed in white robes and her head is covered with a tall white hennin.

Wild woman

A female supernatural creature from the folk tradition, usually seen in a forest or a meadow by young men in particular.


Creatures that are said to be able to lead a person to his or her destruction when they appear as lights moving above swamps. However, they are not necessarily hostile.

Witch (čarodějnice)

A term for a female character from Czech folklore who has supernatural, magical powers. The term may also be used as a pejorative term for a woman.

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