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Topic: Literature during the Hussite era (4 records)

Bautzen Manuscript

A 15th-century collection of polemic texts aimed at Sigismund of Luxembourg, named after the city of Bautzen in Germany, where the manuscript was found.

Master Jan Hus

Medieval preacher, theologian and teacher. He struggled for a reformation of Church and was burned for his views. His teachings are regarded as one of the first steps toward the appearance of the European Reformation.

Jistebnice hymnal

Collection of hymns in Latin and Czech from the 15th century. The most important source of information on Hussite church service and Hussite songs.

Václav, Havel and Tábor (poem)

Versified defence of Czech Catholicism, named Václav, Havel a Tábor or Discourse on Bohemia in 1424 (Václav, Havel a Tábor čili rozmlouvání o Čechách roku 1424) by its first publisher František Palacký. It was probably written in 1424.

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