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A type of mountains characteristic of the Central European Carpathians, in the Czech Republic represented by the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. They also appear in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Bílé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere

Protected landscape area in the east of the Czech Republic, on the border with Slovakia. Visitors will be interested not only in its beautiful nature with many different animals and plants, especially orchids, but also the local folklore.

Grandmother’s Valley

The valley where the plot of the novel The Grandmother (Babička) by Božena Němcová is set.

Krkonoše National Park and Biosphere Reserve

Unique geological and botanical strip of Czech-Polish borderland mountains. Its centre is Vrchlabí. It has been listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site since 1992.

Pálava Protected Landscape Area

Picturesque land at the lower section of the river Morava, inhabited since prehistory. There are remains of camps of mammoth hunters there, nature reserves, caves, breeding sites of bats and the white-tailed eagle.

Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area

The largest and one of the most famous protected areas in the Czech Republic, popular with both foreign and Czech tourists, with a wide range of intact natural biotopes.

Třeboň Biosphere Reserve

Beautiful area in southern Bohemia, known for its fishponds since long ago. It consists of large bodies of water and it is famous for a rich variety of water birds.

Vlkov sand dune

A unique desert-like biotope in the Czech Republic, with an area of less than one hectare. The area is sometimes called the Czech Sahara.

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