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Jan Ságl

Promoter of Czech colour photography, famous for photographs of the legendary bands The Primitives Group and The Plastic People of the Universe.

Jan Saudek

The most famous contemporary Czech photographer. Apart from his controversial works, he also drew attention with his personal life.

Sára Saudková

Czech portrait photographer and former manager and partner of the photographer Jan Saudek.

Josef Seidel

The most important photographic chronicler of Šumava. His studio is now a unique technical monument.

Tono Stano

Czech and Slovak photographer who became especially famous for dynamic black-and-white nudes and for breaking clichés in photography.

Josef Sudek

Outstanding avant-garde photographer who mostly photographed in Prague. He is one of the most distinguished Czech photographers of the interwar period.

Jan Šibík

Photographer famous for his photographs from armed conflicts. He won third place in the prestigious World Press Photo contest and won the Czech Press Photo twice.

Ján Šmok

Czechoslovak photographer and university teacher who significantly contributed to the development of post-war Czechoslovak photography and film. He founded an independent photography department at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Pavel Štecha

Official photographer of the Civic Forum in 1989. He won a World Press Photo prize for a photograph of Václav Havel.

Jindřich Štreit

University teacher and documentary photographer who captured country life during moribund communism.

Jindřich Štyrský

Painter and graphic artist, the most important representative of interwar avant-garde and Surrealism in Czech culture, co-founder of surrealist groups and of Artificialism (together with Toyen). He also worked as a photographer.

Miroslav Tichý

Amateur photographer and experimenter. A controversial figure made famous by surreptitious photographs of women.

Zdeněk Tmej

Czech photojournalist and documentary photographer. The most significant part of his work consists of photographs of forced labour under German rule during the Second World War.

Jan Tomáš

Prague photographer who took portraits of prominent actors of his time and was also one of the first to record their voices on phonograph cylinders.

Union of Czech Photographers

The largest photographic organisation in the country, consisting primarily of amateur photographers, but also professionals.

Josef Vágner

Czech forester, zoologist, explorer, hunter, photographer, ethnologist and writer, founder and first director of the Safari Park in Dvůr Králové nad Labem.

Roman Vondrouš

Photographer of the Czech News Agency and winner of the 2013 World Press Photo contest in the category Sport Action, participating with a series of photographs from the race Velká pardubická.

Enrique Stanko Vráz

Czech explorer, adventurer, writer and photographer, probably of Bulgarian descent.

Jiří Všetečka

Czech photographer and the first docent of photography in Czechoslovakia. His famous documentary photographs of Prague have earned him the nickname “the Prague walker”.

Jindřich Zelenka

A pioneer of photojournalism and documentary and studio photography in the early 20th century. His contribution to sport photography is especially important.

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