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Zdeněk Kopal

Czech-American mathematician, astronomer and astrophysicist, who was also well-known in the fields of ballistics and aerodynamics. He became famous for studying the Moon and eclipsing binary stars.


The first private Czech scientific satellite. It serves as a space laboratory for new types of electronic components intended for use in future satellites.

Magion 1

The first Czechoslovak satellite launched into space and also the first of five microsatellites of the Czechoslovak, later Czech space programme.

Magion 2

The second Czechoslovak satellite. It is now defunct, although still in orbit around Earth.

Magion 3

Czechoslovak satellite built for studying the magnetosphere. It was launched in 1991 and it investigated the density of the ionosphere in order to allow for more accurate forecasts of magnetic storms.

Magion 4

The first satellite built by the independent Czech Republic. It was launched in 1995. Its mission was to determine the speed of movement of magnetopause and to investigate other optical phenomenon in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Magion 5

The fifth and last of the Magion satellites. Its mission was to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, the electric field around the satellite and plasma waves, to observe Aurora Borealis and the intensity, temperature and density of charged particles and measure the precise lengths of the Solar cycle.


The sixth Czech satellite. Its purpose was to measure the density and variations in the upper atmosphere.

Antonín Novotný (actor)

Czech film actor from the 1930s and 1940s, who played roles of lovers, and Czech-German chemist who worked with NASA on the development of the space shuttle.

Oldřich Pelčák

The second Czechoslovak cosmonaut. However, he did not have an opportunity to fly into space. He actively popularised cosmonautics.

Vladimír Remek

The first Czechoslovak cosmonaut and the first man in space coming from a country other than the Soviet Union or the USA. He also served as the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Russia.


The seventh Czech (Czechoslovak) satellite and the first Czech nanosatellite. In service since 2017, it was designed for measuring oxygen levels in the atmosphere and recording cosmic radiation.

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