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Jizerská padesátka

The most famous Czech cross-country skiing competition.

Kunratice Forest Big Circuit Run

Traditional yearly cross-country run, the oldest in the Czech Republic.

Prague International Marathon

Marathon race founded in 1995. One of the most prestigious marathons in the world.

Prague Stairs

Unique urban mountain bike race.

Pražské primátorky

The most famous and one of the oldest rowing competitions in the Czech Republic. It has been organised since 1910 on a two-kilometre section of the river Vltava in Prague, under the auspices of the mayor of Prague. It features a unique turn below the Vyšehrad cliff.

Velká pardubická

The oldest cross-country steeplechase run in the Czech lands, organised since 1874, with the exception of the war years. Josef Váňa is the most successful jockey (eight wins), while the gelding Železník was the most successful horse (four wins).

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