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Brno City Theatre

Theatre in Lidická Street in Brno. It was known as the Mrštík Brothers Theatre for several decades. It focuses on drama and musicals. It is one of the most popular theatres in the Czech Republic.

Cellar Theatre

A popular independent, initially underground, Czech theatre with predominantly authorial poetics. It is a part of the Prague Five. It is located in the Dobeška theatre venue in Prague.

Divadlo pod Palmovkou

A Prague theatre located in Zenklova Street. For a long time, it was known as S. K. Neumann Theatre. It specialises in drama.

Drama Club

One of the most significant and most acclaimed Czech theatres. It is based in the street Ve Smečkách in Prague.

Goose on a String Theatre

Originally an experimental and later a professional theatre in Brno, where many important actors and directors worked.


Alternative theatre in Brno with auteur’s poetics, a part of the Centre for Experimental Theatre.

J. K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň

The largest theatre in the Plzeň Region. Its repertoire includes drama, opera, ballet and musical. It currently has three venues: the historic building of the so-called Great Theatre in Smetanovy Sady and the New Theatre at Palacký Square, where the Small Scene is located as well.

Jára Cimrman Theatre

One of the most successful theatres in Prague with authorial poetics based on the theme of the fictive character Jára Cimrman. It is located in the Žižkov district of Prague.

Karlín Musical Theatre

The largest musical theatre in the Czech Republic. It is located in Křižíkova Street in Prague and focuses primarily on musicals.

Klicpera Theatre

Drama theatre in Hradec Králové, located in Dlouhá Street. It currently stages its productions on the main scene, in Studio Beseda and the chamber scene V podkroví. The theatre was called Theatre of the Victorious February for several decades.

Kotzen Theatre

The first professional theatre in which plays in Czech were performed in the 18th century. It was one of the oldest theatres in Prague and represented an important centre of Italian and German drama.

Liberate Theatre

Centre of Czech theatre avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. It was founded by directors Jindřich Honzl and Jiří Frejka as a section of the group Devětsil in the winter of 1925. During the economic crisis, it was one of the most popular theatres in the country due to Voskovec and Werich.

Moravian-Silesian National Theatre

The largest theatre in Ostrava. Its repertoire consists of drama, opera, ballet and operetta/musical. It currently uses three venues: the Antonín Dvořák Theatre, the Jiří Myron Theatre and the Theatre 12.

Na Fidlovačce Theatre

A theatre in Prague focusing on lighter genres and musicals and dramas. It is located in Křesomyslova Street in the Nusle district of Prague.

National Theatre

Historically the most important theatre in the Czech Republic. The main building of the National Theatre, built owing to numerous donations, became a symbol of cultural and political emancipation of the Czech people and is also an important architectural monument.

National Theatre Brno

The largest theatre in Brno. It currently consists of three stages: the Mahen Theatre, the Janáček Theatre and the Reduta Theatre.

New Scene

Theatre building built in Brutalist style, with an original façade made from glass blocks, which confidently stepped into the historic environment and is still regarded as a controversial gesture. All the ensembles of the National Theatre perform there.

Prague City Theatres

One of the popular city-run theatres. It consists of three theatres: ABC, Comedy and Rokoko.

Theatre Semafor

Prague theatre originally associated exclusively with Jiří Suchý’s and Jiří Šlitr’s works and with the so-called authorial song theatre.

South Bohemian Theatre

A theatre in České Budějovice. One of the regional Czech city-run multi-ensemble theatres. It has four ensembles: drama, opera, ballet and puppet theatre. It has several buildings and also manages the revolving theatre in the chateau park in Český Krumlov.

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