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Krkonoše National Park and Biosphere Reserve

Unique geological and botanical strip of Czech-Polish borderland mountains. Its centre is Vrchlabí. It has been listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site since 1992.


A small village near Prague, which became the location of one of the largest Nazi crimes committed on the territory of the modern-day Czech Republic.

Market town (městys)

Administrative term for a populated place whose size and population is between that of a town and a municipality (village).

Prague Semmering

Railway track built in 1868–1872 between the Smíchov and Jinonice railway stations in Prague. It was nicknamed after the Austrian mountain railway because of the difficult terrain and beautiful scenery.

Sázava Pacific

Railway track running near the river Sázava, named by Czech hikers, whom the wild natural beauty of the local countryside reminded of the North American transcontinental track, the so-called Pacific. Sázava Pacific reached the peak of its glory in the interwar period, i.e. in the First Czechoslovak Republic.

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