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Aero 30

The most popular Czech pre-war veteran, which got the nickname “Czech Jaguar” due to its appearance.

Aero 500

The smallest car produced in interwar Czechoslovakia.

Aero 662

Car that was compared to Ferrari because of its high maximum speed. It was still on Czechoslovak roads a quarter of a century after its production had finished.

Aero Minor

A small Czechoslovak post-war car, a star of European rallies.

Jawa Minor

The cheapest pre-war car in Czechoslovakia.

Laurin & Klement Type S

Car that the Laurin & Klement company owe their success to.

Laurin & Klement Voiturette A

The first car produced by the Škoda car maker.

NW Präsident

The first car mass-produced on the Czech territory and also one of the first cars in the world.

NW Type B

The first mass-produced car by the NW car maker, also known as “Vicepresident”.

NW Type S

The first car to use the original construction from Kopřivnice.

NW Type T

Czechoslovak luxury car produced from 1914 in the factory later known as Tatra. It is one of the most successful model of the car maker and was produced until 1926.

NW Type U / Tatra 10

One of the first cars in the world with brakes on all four wheels.

Praga (car manufacturer)

The third largest car manufacturer during the First Republic. It manufactured cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft and agricultural and military vehicles. The current owner of the brand, the company Praga-Export, Ltd., manufactures cars again.

Praga Alfa (1913-1922)

A line of Czechoslovak Alfa cars from the Praga factory in Prague, produced between 1913 and 1942.

Praga Grand 8

Luxury car produced by the Praga car maker, used by the highest political representatives of interwar Czechoslovakia.

Praga Piccolo

The most widespread car in Czechoslovakia before the Second World War. It was declared the most beautiful car on the 1938 Geneva car show.

Praga V “Charron”

Debut car of one of the largest car makers in interwar Czechoslovakia. Smaller size of its body and engine made it perfect for the role of massively affordable means of transport.

RAF H 10

Car produced by the car maker from Liberec. Only two units were produced, one of which ended up on Emperor Franz Joseph I’s court.

Škoda – Laurin & Klement 110

Czechoslovak car from the 1920s. One of the last “Laurin cars” and one of the first “Škoda cars”.

Škoda 100 and Škoda 110

Although it did not have the best engine, stability or a good heating system, it was the first Czech car with a production exceeding one million units.

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