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Manufacturer of one of the most famous confectionery products in the Czech Republic. The most popular of them is the cake Marlenka.


Famous Czech mineral water produced in Karlovy Vary. It is famous for its logo featuring eagle wings.

Merkur (construction set)

A legendary Czech toy connecting generations of Czechs. It was even used for scientific research purposes, facilitating the process of making the first soft contact lenses.

Orion (chocolate factory)

Czech manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery with more than a century long tradition. It is located in the Hodkovičky district of Prague.


The largest piano manufacturer in Europe.

Praga (car manufacturer)

The third largest car manufacturer during the First Republic. It manufactured cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft and agricultural and military vehicles. The current owner of the brand, the company Praga-Export, Ltd., manufactures cars again.

Jaroslav Preiss

Economist, banker and the director of Živnostenská banka for many years, one of the most powerful people in Czechoslovak society.

Press stud

Czech invention that is a part of every person’s clothes or accessories.

Rudolf Jelínek

A Company from Vizovice in Moravian Wallachia, famous for its fruit liqueurs.


One of the most popular precious metals. The town of Stříbro (“silver”) was named after it, as one of the oldest places in the Czech Republic where silver was mined; silver mining was recorded there as early as the 12th century.

Staropramen Brewery

The second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic. It has been making beer for more than 150 years.

Vladimír Svatý

World famous Czech inventor in the field of textile production. He was made famous by the invention of the air-jet loom, which resulted in radical changes in the weaving technology, weaving machines and textile factories around the world.

Škoda Auto

The largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. As the largest Czech exporter, it is crucial for the Czech economy.

Emil Škoda

A Czech engineer, innovator, entrepreneur and ingenious manager. Founder of the company that later became a part of modern-day Škoda Auto.

Tesla (company)

Former Czechoslovak electrotechnical giant. Television sets and batteries are still sold under the Tesla brand.

Michael Thonet

A well-known entrepreneur and a pioneer in furniture making. His experiments and products made from bentwood significantly influenced the method of furniture making. He founded the company TON and designed, among others, the No. 14 chair.


The oldest company in the world manufacturing bentwood furniture.

Václav Havel Airport in Prague

The largest international airport in the Czech Republic.

Veba Broumov

Czech textile company with a tradition of manufacturing damask and jacquard textiles in Broumov and Police nad Metují. It is one of the most significant exporter of the so-called African brocade.


Czech three-wheeled vehicle with artificial leather bodywork. A legend of Czech motoring.

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