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Antonín Čermák

American businessman and politician of Czech descent, a mayor of Chicago, died after president Roosevelt’s attempted assassination.

Česká spořitelna

The oldest and largest bank on the territory of the Czech Republic. Its history dates back to 1825 and today it has around five million clients.

Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk (ČKD)

One of the largest and oldest engineering and electrotechnical brands in Czechoslovakia. In its time, one third of all trams in the world were produced in the ČKD factories.

ČEZ Group

A giant in the energy industry and the company with the largest number of employees in the Czech Republic. It is the operator of both nuclear power stations in the country: Temelín and Dukovany.

Druzhba pipeline

The longest oil pipeline in the Czech Republic and in the world.


The largest manufacturer of home electric appliances in the Czech Republic. During the socialist period, every Czech and Slovak family had on average at least one ETA product.

Favorit (company)

Manufacturer of popular bicycles, based in Rokycany. Favorit bicycles brought Czechoslovak athletes a complete collection of Olympic medals. They have earned a special exhibition in the National Technical Museum.

First electric tramway in Prague

It was introduced in 1891 by František Křižík, as a part of the General Land Centennial Exhibition in Prague.


The first instant cocoa drink powder in Czechoslovakia. It has not lost its popularity even 40 years after the beginning of its production.


The most popular Czech cough drops, named after the singer-songwriter Karel Hašler. They appeared when Czechoslovakia was founded, more than a century ago.

Hops cultivation

Cultivation of hops used in beer making. Growing hops and making beer have a long history in the Czech Republic, which has many large and small breweries.

IKL pipe line

Strategic oil pipe line in the Czech Republic. It ensures uninterrupted flow of oil in case of interruptions in oil supplies from Russia.

Jar (detergent)

The most famous dishwashing detergent in the Czech Republic, whose name is used for any dishwashing detergent.


The oldest Czech company manufacturing motorcycles and mopeds. It was founded in 1929 by František Janeček in the Nusle district of Prague. The company also produced small cars in limited series.

Otto Jelinek

Czech-Canadian world champion in figure skating, an entrepreneur, a Canadian politician and minister, a Czech advisor and entrepreneur, a former Canadian ambassador in the Czech Republic.


The largest manufacturer of buses in the Czech Republic, whose vehicles can be found across Europe, but also in Asia and Africa.

Kbely Airport

Principal airport of the First Czechoslovak Republic. It was used by presidents and the military.

KOH-i-NOOR Hardtmuth

The largest manufacturer of stationary and art supplies in Central and East Europe. It has been in existence for more than 200 years.

Emil Kolben

Pioneer of Czech electrotechnical industry, entrepreneur and inventor. Founder of the company Kolben & Co., director of Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk (ČKD).

Letov (Latecoere Czech Republic)

Aircraft manufacturer with headquarters in Letňany, Prague. The company was founded in 1918 by the Ministry of Defence of the Czechoslovak Republic and is one of the oldest aircraft manufacturers in Central Europe. It currently produces components for the most famous aircraft manufacturers in the world, such as Airbus and Boeing.

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