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He who doesn’t jump is not a Czech

A traditional slogan of Czech sports fans, typically accompanied by jumping and repeated chanting.

Jiří Holeček

Czechoslovak ice hockey goaltender who played 164 matches for the national team and 488 league matches. He won two Olympic medals, was world champion three times and was named best goaltender in five world championships.

Jaroslav and Jiří Holík

Czechoslovak ice hockey players, members of the Czech Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, world champions and holders of Olympic medals.

Ice hockey

Team sport played on ice, one of the fastest team sports in the world. It has a long tradition in the Czech lands and it is one of the most successful Czech sports in general.

Jaromír Jágr

Czech ice hockey player, owner and player of the club Rytíři Kladno. The list of his successes and records, including winning the Stanley Cup and gold at the XVIII Winter Olympic Games in Nagano in 1998, is very long, which is one of the reasons he is regarded as one of the best hockey players of all times. His career as a hockey player is connected with the number 68 worn on his jersey.

Otto Jelinek

Czech-Canadian world champion in figure skating, an entrepreneur, a Canadian politician and minister, a Czech advisor and entrepreneur, a former Canadian ambassador in the Czech Republic.


A popular mountain in the area of the Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge, which is also its summit. It is especially frequently visited in winter season due to good conditions for skiing and other winter sports.

Jizerská padesátka

The most famous Czech cross-country skiing competition.

Eliška Junková

The most successful Czech automobile racer.

Kunratice Forest Big Circuit Run

Traditional yearly cross-country run, the oldest in the Czech Republic.

Petra Kvitová

Czech tennis player playing professionally since 2006. She achieved her greatest success in 2011, when she won Wimbledon and WTA Finals.

Steve Lichtag

Czech actor and Czech-American film director and producer, oceanologist, ecologist and writer.

LTC Praha

Czech tennis and ice hockey club based in Holešovice, Prague. It was founded in 1904. Its eleven championship titles make it the third most successful Czech hockey club in history.

Josef Masopust

Legendary Czechoslovak football player and a successful coach. The first Czech holder of the Golden Ball as the best football player in Europe and the Czech football player of the century.


Ice hockey tournament within the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, in which players from the Canadian-American NHL participated for the first time in history. The tournament is thus generally labelled “the tournament of the century”. The Czech national team won the gold medal for the first time in history.

National handball

A sport, also called “Czech handball”, created in 1905 as an original team sport for women. Its rules are different from the widely known international handball.

Martina Navrátilová

Czechoslovak and later also American tennis player, one of the best female tennis players of all times, a long-time world tennis champion and record holder in the number of tournaments won in singles and doubles.

Pavel Nedvěd

Czech football player, former captain of the national team, holder of the 2003 Golden Ball and current vice-president of Juventus Turin. He won silver with the national team at the 1996 European Football Championship in England and bronze at the 2004 European Football Championship in Portugal.

Kateřina Neumannová

Former Czech cross-country skier and cyclist, Olympic winner and double world champion in cross-country skiing. The best Czech sportswoman in the history of Winter Olympic Games.

Jana Novotná

Czech tennis player, winner of 1998 Wimbledon, medal winner at the Olympic Game in tennis singles and doubles.

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