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Francis Dvornik

Czech Catholic priest and historian of Moravian descent. The most famous Czech Byzantinist known worldwide and working mostly in the USA.

Heinz Edelmann

A Czech-German fine artist, drawer, designer, illustrator and animator born in northern Bohemia. He became known as the creator of the animated film Yellow Submarine.

Patrik Eliáš

Czech ice hockey player active between 1992 and 2017, member of the Czech national team, forward player for New Jersey Devils. Double Stanley Cup winner and the second most successful Czech hockey player playing in the USA.

Barbora Markéta Eliášová

Czech explorer, writer and teacher, the first Czech woman to make a trip around the world at the beginning of the 20th century.

Emigration after the Battle of White Mountain

One of the largest waves of emigration in the history of the Czech lands. It occurred after the defeat of the Bohemian Revolt in 1620, when Bohemia and Moravia were recatholicised by the victorious Habsburgs.

František Fajtl

Military pilot during the Second World War and writer. He participated in battles on the western and eastern fronts and with his numerous books contributed to raising awareness of the merit of Czechoslovak pilots among the wider public.

Jitka Frantová

Czech theatre, film and television actress who worked in Italy and in German-speaking countries from 1969. Wife of the politician Jiří Pelikán.

Alberto Vojtěch Frič

Czech explorer, botanist, ethnographer, writer and photographer. South American Indians called him Karaí Pukú (Long Hunter) and in Europe he was nicknamed Cactus Hunter.

Samuel Fritz

Jesuit, missionary, explorer, cartographer and geographer of Czech descent, who worked mostly in South America.

Eduard Goldstücker

Czechoslovak German studies expert, literary historian and critic, diplomat in Czechoslovakia and Great Britain.

Karel Gott

Czech pop singer, the greatest icon of Czech pop culture who was at the top of the entertainment business more than six decades.

Peter Grünberg

German physicist, discoverer of giant magnetoresistance, which allowed for the construction of gigabyte hard disk drives. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007.

Otto Gutfreund

Prominent representative of modern Czech sculpture and one of the most important Cubist sculptors. He created many reliefs and sculptures and drew sketches of the highest quality.

Hugo Haas

Theatre and film actor, director, screenwriter and producer, who also made a career in Hollywood. One of the most popular Czech actors of the 1930s.

Alexander Hackenschmied

Prominent Czech-American photographer, editor, cameraman and director. One of the pioneers of avant-garde film of 1930s and a key figure in world film modernism.

Jiří Hanzelka

Czech explorer, writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. Together with Jiří Hanzelka, he went on several expeditions on practically all continents.

Dominik Hašek

Czech ice hockey goaltender, the youngest goaltender of the national team in history.

Eva Herzigová

Supermodel with an international career spanning more than 30 years, known also from front pages of fashion magazines and Wonderbra’s billboard campaign Hello Boys

Josef Hlávka

World famous Czech architect, entrepreneur, conservationist, member of parliament and patron of Czech education, science and culture of the 19th century.

Wenceslaus Hollar

Known in the Czech Republic as Václav Hollar. Engraver and drawer, one of the most famous European graphic artists and illustrators, who excelled with his talent, diligence and perfectly executed realistic works. He was especially recognised in England.

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