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Otakar Kubín

Distinguished Czech painter of classical modernism. He was misunderstood at home during his life, but was acknowledged in France.

Milan Kundera

Prose writer, essayist and dramatist. He used to write in Czech, but nowadays he mostly writes in French. He is one of the most successful and translated authors of Czech descent.

Jan Kupecký

Prominent Baroque portraitist of Czech origin whose work is characterised by an objective view and psychological artistry, working in Italy and Central Europe.

František Kupka

World famous painter, graphic artist and illustrator, one of the foremost figures of modern abstract painting. His work is based on the spiritual unity of humans, the world and matter. Because of his love for music, he contributed to the visual arts with a new movement – Orphism.

Karolína Kurková

The most famous and the most successful Czech supermodel who has appeared on dozens of front pages of prestigious magazines and in the Pirelli Calendar. She also became famous as a so-called angel of Victoria’s Secret.

Jiří Kylián

World famous Czech choreographer living in the Netherlands, artistic director, dancer, scenographer, dance teacher and patron, one of the key figures of modern scenic ballet.

Laco Déczi

Trumpeter and composer, one of the most prominent figures of Czechoslovak jazz. In the middle of the 1980s, he emigrated to the USA, where he formed his own band Cellula New York. His music is marked by balladic qualities and Ibero-American rhythmic provocativeness. His solos are in the bluegrass style.

Karel Lamač

Film director, screenwriter, actor, producer and singer. One of the pioneers of Czech film and the first Czech director who established himself abroad as well.

Jan Letzel

Czech architect and builder, known for the so-called Atomic Dome in Hiroshima, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Steve Lichtag

Czech actor and Czech-American film director and producer, oceanologist, ecologist and writer.

Rudy Linka

Jazz guitar player living in the USA since 1985. Since 1989, he has alternated between the USA and his homeland. He has organised the annual jazz festival Bohemia Jazz Fest since 2005.

Herbert Lom

Successful Czech film, television and theatre actor, radio presenter and writer, who lived in Great Britain.

Pavel Ludikar

World-famous opera singer (bass) and pianist who performed on the most prestigious stages in the world.

Arnošt Lustig

Prose writer, screenwriter and journalist. His works focus on depicting the Holocaust through life stories of seemingly insignificant, ordinary people.

Saša Machov

Dancer and choreographer of the Avant-Garde Theatre D34 and Liberated Theatre. As head of ballet at the National Theatre, he pioneered a new concept of Czech modern ballet after 1945.

Adina Mandlová

Film star from the 1930s and 40s, one of the most popular Czech actresses at the time, also known abroad.

Jan Masaryk

Czech diplomat and politician, the younger son of president T. G. Masaryk. He died under suspicious circumstances.

Blanka Matragi

Czech fashion designer working in Lebanon and in the Czech Republic. Her important clients are mainly celebrities in the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Waldemar Matuška

Czech singer famous for his distinctive baritone voice and his stage charisma. His songs Tereza, O, That Heavenly Love (Láska nebeská) and Nightingales from Madrid (Slavíci z Madridu) have become a part of folk culture.

Tereza Maxová

Foremost Czech model of international renown, philanthropist, founder of children’s charity organisation Tereza Maxová Foundation.

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