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Emil Holub

Czech physician, ethnographer and explorer, who went on two expeditions to Africa and created a large natural-scientific and ethnographic collection.

Aleš Hrdlička

World-famous Czech physician and anthropologist, who spent most of his life in the USA but was always a Czech patriot and a patron of anthropological research in Czechoslovakia.

Karel Husa

American composer, conductor, trumpeter, musicologist and teacher of Czech origin, author of the famous composition Music for Prague 1968 (Hudba pro Prahu 1968).

Vojtěch Hynais

A distinguished painter and graphic artist, who brought to Czech painting a distinctly atmospheric plein air painting. He belonged to the so-called Generation of the National Theatre and is primarily known as an author of the theatre curtain.

Eduard Ingriš

Adventurer, explorer, composer, conductor, photographer, cameraman, filmmaker and documentarist. He is mentioned in Peruvian textbooks, but is almost forgotten in the Czech Republic.

Jaromír Jágr

Czech ice hockey player, owner and player of the club Rytíři Kladno. The list of his successes and records, including winning the Stanley Cup and gold at the XVIII Winter Olympic Games in Nagano in 1998, is very long, which is one of the reasons he is regarded as one of the best hockey players of all times. His career as a hockey player is connected with the number 68 worn on his jersey.

Vojtěch Jasný

A prominent Czech-American screenwriter, film director, photographer and pedagogue. An important figure of the New Wave of Czechoslovak film. Holds numerous international awards, including the Czech Lion Award for Unique Contribution to Czech Film in 2007.

Otto Jelinek

Czech-Canadian world champion in figure skating, an entrepreneur, a Canadian politician and minister, a Czech advisor and entrepreneur, a former Canadian ambassador in the Czech Republic.

Maria Jeritza

World-famous singer (dramatic soprano) active in the first half of the 20th century, especially in Vienna and New York.

Eva Jiřičná

World-renowned Czech architect and designer. She mostly works in London and Prague.

John Nepomucene Neumann

A priest who worked in the USA, a member of the Redemptorist order and later Bishop of Philadelphia. He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1977 in Rome.

Joseph Wenceslaus Radetzky of Radetz

Bohemian nobleman serving as a General in the army of the Austrian Empire. He is regarded as one of the best army commanders and reformers in 19th-century Europe.

Eliška Junková

The most successful Czech automobile racer.

Jiří Josef Kamel

Czech Jesuit, missionary, explorer and most of all pharmacist, healer and botanist. Camellia flowers were named after him.

Jan Kaplický

Czech architect and designer who worked mostly in Great Britain.

Erazim Kohák

Czech philosopher who dealt with the topics of environmental protection. He spent most of his life in the USA, where he studied the questions of the relationship between man and world, the development of phenomenology and the problem of ethics.

Jiří Kolář

Czech poet, translator, fine artist, author of collages and art collector. One of the most important figures of Czech modern art.

Zdeněk Kopal

Czech-American mathematician, astronomer and astrophysicist, who was also well-known in the fields of ballistics and aerodynamics. He became famous for studying the Moon and eclipsing binary stars.

Ivan Král

Czech rock musician, bass guitar player, composer, singer and producer who mostly worked in the USA.

Karel Kryl

Songwriter and poet whose songs became a symbol of resistance against the social situation in socialist Czechoslovakia. He worked in exile in Germany from 1969, collaborating with the Czechoslovak desk of Radio Free Europe.

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