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Wenceslaus II

King of Bohemia between 1283 and 1305 and King of Poland between 1300 and 1305. A refined and cultured ruler who brought the land to its last power and economic expansion during the Přemyslid rule.

Wenceslaus II (Duke)

Duke of Bohemia in 1191–1192. He only ruled for several months and is now largely forgotten.

Wenceslaus III (Duke)

King of Bohemia and Poland between 1305 and 1306, King of Hungary between 1301 and 1305. With his untimely death, the male line of the Přemyslid dynasty became extinct.

Wenceslaus IV

King of Bohemia between 1378 and 1419, King of the Romans between 1378–1400. A ruler that was forced to rule in exceptionally difficult times, which eventually resulted in the drama of the Hussite revolution.

Záviš of Falkenstein

Bohemian nobleman of the Vítkovci dynasty. Charismatic and talented politician, one of the most famous and controversial Czech figures of the second half of the 13th century, as well as a popular protagonist in literary works.

Zdeněk Lev of Rožmitál

Bohemian nobleman, the Burgrave of Prague and one of the most influential politicians in late medieval and early modern Bohemia.

Jindřich Zdík

Bishop of Olomouc in 1126–1150. Prominent church dignitary and a diplomat with a European reputation. His activities contributed to the development of the church and cultural life in the Czech lands, and to the consolidation of power of the Duke of Bohemia.

Zdislava of Lemberk (Czech saint)

Noblewoman who contributed to the expansion of the Dominican order in the Czech lands. She is a Czech saint and a patron of families, the congregation of Dominican sisters, the Liberec diocese and the Liberec Region.

Jan Žižka

One of the most important Czech military leaders. As the commander of the Hussite armies, he contributed significantly to the success of the Hussite revolution and to the development of the Hussite military doctrine. He won all the battles in which he took part as the leader of the Hussite armies.

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