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Czech theatre education

A part of the Czech educational system. It comprises primary art schools, conservatories and art universities.

Czech theatre of the 20th century

A period in the history of Czech theatre during which important theatres were built, including official theatres, avant-garde and small theatres. In 1989, Czech theatres that were on strike played an important in the Velvet Revolution.

Czech theatre scenography

A profession established in the interwar period. Josef Svoboda is one it is most prominent representative.

Karel Čapek

A prominent 20th-century Czech writer, journalist, dramatist, translator and political philosopher. He often worked with his older brother, the painter and writer Josef Čapek.

Petr Čepek

One of the most important and distinguished Czech theatre, film and radio actors.

Dada Theatre

Experimental centre of theatre avant-garde in Prague in the second half of the 1920s. Its production of Reverdy’s poem Pilgrim featured innovative use of film projection.

Daria Klimentová

Czech prima ballerina and dance teacher, a long-time soloist in the British ensemble English National Ballet and founder of the courses International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague.

Devětsil Union of Modern Culture

Important avant-garde association of writers, theoreticians, architects, theatre artists and fine artists. It organised different cultural events, mostly in the spirit of left-wing politics.

Divadlo pod Palmovkou

A Prague theatre located in Zenklova Street. For a long time, it was known as S. K. Neumann Theatre. It specialises in drama.

Drama Club

One of the most significant and most acclaimed Czech theatres. It is based in the street Ve Smečkách in Prague.

Jan Drda

Prose writer, journalist, dramatist and screenwriter. His works are inspired by folklore and fairy-tale allegory on current topics is a common element in his works.

Jaroslav Durych

Prose writer, poet and dramatist who based his work on a Baroque view of the world. He criticised democratic liberalism in literature and in life.

Viktor Dyk

Poet, prose writer and dramatist. In his youth, he was a prominent representative of the generation of the so-called “rebels”. Conflicts between ideals and reality dominated his later works.

Tatiana Dyková (née Vilhelmová)

Film, theatre and television actress, voice actress. One of the most popular and beloved contemporary Czech actresses.

The Eben Brothers

Czech band consisting of Petr Eben’s sons: Marek, David and Kryštof. It is characterised by a specific, gentle sound with elements of folk, country, chanson and rock music and original texts.

Estates Theatre

A theatre at Ovocný Square in Prague, now one of the scenes of the National Theatre. One of the most beautiful and historically unique theatre buildings in Europe. Opera has been an important part of its repertory since its founding. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart personally performed his works there.

Květa Fialová

Theatre, film and television actress, voice actress and narrator. One of the most famous, frequently cast and popular Czech actresses of the second half of the 20th century.

František Filipovský

Theatre and film actor, comedian, radio interpreter, teller of fairy tales, moderator. One of the most popular and sought-after Czech actors, the most prominent figure in Czech dubbing.

Jitka Frantová

Czech theatre, film and television actress who worked in Italy and in German-speaking countries from 1969. Wife of the politician Jiří Pelikán.

Nataša Gollová

Film and theatre actress. One of the most popular and famous Czech film stars of the 1930s and 40s, well-known abroad as well.

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