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Klicpera Theatre

Drama theatre in Hradec Králové, located in Dlouhá Street. It currently stages its productions on the main scene, in Studio Beseda and the chamber scene V podkroví. The theatre was called Theatre of the Victorious February for several decades.

Václav Kliment Klicpera

A prolific dramatist whose works are a part of the foundations of Czech drama. His plays were inspired by popular literature and German pre-Romantic dramaturgy. He was also an actor, director and organiser of amateur theatre.

Ladislav Klíma

A prominent philosopher and writer, one of a few Czech “poète maudit”. He wrote several prose works and dramas that were radical for his time.

František Karel Kolár

Actor, director in the Provisional Theatre and the National Theatre, costume designer, caricaturist. He was famous for live images of groups of actors and extras.

Matěj Kopecký

The most famous Czech puppeteer. At the beginning of the 21st century, the eight generation of the Kopecký family is devoted to puppet theatre.

Jiří Korn

Czech pop singer and musical actor, famous for his original approach to music and sophisticated stage shows. His greatest hits include the songs Yvetta, Grief is Postponed (Žal se odkládá), Karel is Probably Bringing Tea (Karel nese asi čaj) and Miss Moscow (Miss Moskva).

Kotzen Theatre

The first professional theatre in which plays in Czech were performed in the 18th century. It was one of the oldest theatres in Prague and represented an important centre of Italian and German drama.

Pavel Kříž

Film and theatre actor, voice actor, moderator and psychotherapist. One of the most popular contemporary Czech actors.

Marta Kubišová

Czech singer and signatory of Charter 77. Her song A Prayer for Martha (Modlitba pro Martu) became one of the symbols of Prague Spring of 1968. She was banned from performing for twenty years, but she made a comeback after the Velvet Revolution.

Milan Kundera

Prose writer, essayist and dramatist. He used to write in Czech, but nowadays he mostly writes in French. He is one of the most successful and translated authors of Czech descent.

Miroslav Kůra

Czech dancer of both classical and modern ballet, an internationally acclaimed choreographer.

Jiří Kylián

World famous Czech choreographer living in the Netherlands, artistic director, dancer, scenographer, dance teacher and patron, one of the key figures of modern scenic ballet.

Pavel Kyrmezer

Writer, dramatist and priest of Slovak origin. His plays represent one of the most mature expressions of Czech drama in the 16th century.

František Langer

Dramatist and prose writer of the so-called Čapek generation. Unlike the other author of the Avant-Garde period, he adhered to realism in his plays and dealt with existentialist and moral questions of human life.

Laterna magika

Czech multimedia theatre. It is currently a part of the National Theatre as one of its ensembles. Most of its performances have been staged in the New Scene of the National Theatre since its opening in 1983.

Liberate Theatre

Centre of Czech theatre avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. It was founded by directors Jindřich Honzl and Jiří Frejka as a section of the group Devětsil in the winter of 1925. During the economic crisis, it was one of the most popular theatres in the country due to Voskovec and Werich.

Steve Lichtag

Czech actor and Czech-American film director and producer, oceanologist, ecologist and writer.

Miloš Macourek

Film and television screenwriter, poet and dramatist. He became famous as author of original screenplays for film comedies, television series and animated bedtime stories.

Saša Machov

Dancer and choreographer of the Avant-Garde Theatre D34 and Liberated Theatre. As head of ballet at the National Theatre, he pioneered a new concept of Czech modern ballet after 1945.

Jaroslav Marvan

Prominent Czech theatre, film and television actor. One of the most distinctive Czech actors of the 20th century.

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