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Charles VI

King of Bohemia and Hungary, Holy Roman Emperor from 1711 to 1740, King of Spain from 1703 to 1711. The last male member of the House of Habsburg in the male line.

Charter 77

The most important independent civil protest initiative in Czechoslovakia after 1968. It was created on the basis of the so-called Helsinki Final Act on human rights from 1975. Charter 77 became a symbol of moral resistance against the communist regime.

Christianisation of the Czech lands

A process lasting several centuries during which the inhabitants of the Czech lands converted from the previous pagan tradition to the Christian faith and became a part of the Western Christian tradition.

Chronicle of Dalimil

The oldest versified chronicle written in Czech. Its content is very patriotic.

I am just returning from the Castle

The beginning of the legendary speech by Klement Gottwald, Chairman of the Communist Party and Prime Minister of the Czechoslovak Republic, in which he informed about the political twist that made it possible for the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to seize absolute power in the country.

Industrial Revolution in the Czech lands

Process of transition from the traditional agricultural society to the modern industrial era, which created conditions due to which the Czech lands became the most industrially developed region of the Austrian monarchy.

International Brigades fighters and Czechoslovak participation in the Spanish Civil War

Czechoslovak volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) on the side of the Republican government. Many of them later played a significant role in Czech history. Apart from that, a significant quantity of Czechoslovak weapons was used in Spain.

House of Jagiellon

Originally a Lithuanian dynasty whose members ruled over the Czech lands from 1471 to 1526.

Jaromír (Duke)

Duke of Bohemia in 1003, 1004–1012 and 1033–1035. His tragic life illustrates the depth of the crisis of the Bohemian state and the Přemyslid dynasty at the turn of the millennium.

Maria Jeritza

World-famous singer (dramatic soprano) active in the first half of the 20th century, especially in Vienna and New York.

Jesuits in the Czech lands

A religious order that came to the Czech lands in the 16th century. It developed a very advanced pedagogic practice in education. However, due to its connections with the Habsburg royal family, it is regarded as controversial in the Czech society.

John Nepomucene Neumann

A priest who worked in the USA, a member of the Redemptorist order and later Bishop of Philadelphia. He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1977 in Rome.

John of Luxembourg

King of Bohemia between 1310 and 1346. He was the first member of the Luxembourg family on the Bohemian throne and the father of the most famous Bohemian ruler Charles IV. Assessments of his reign have been inconsistent. He is called the “foreign king” and the “diplomat king”.

Josef Pfitzner

Historian, deputy mayor of Prague from 1938 to 1945. He is regarded as the principal and best known representative of Nazi-oriented historiography in interwar Czechoslovakia.

Joseph I

King of Bohemia and Hungary and Holy Roman Emperor from 1705 to 1711. He is almost forgotten in the Czech lands, although he was an educated and cultivated reformer who sought to modernise the Habsburg Monarchy during his short reign.

Joseph II

King of Bohemia and King of Hungary between 1780 and 1790, Holy Roman Emperor between 1765 and 1790. One of the most distinguished representative of European Enlightenment and a great reformer, who sought to fundamentally change the Habsburg Monarchy.

Joseph Wenceslaus Radetzky of Radetz

Bohemian nobleman serving as a General in the army of the Austrian Empire. He is regarded as one of the best army commanders and reformers in 19th-century Europe.

K(lub) 231

Organisation of political prisoners incarcerated by the communist regime in Czechoslovakia from 1948 to the early 1960s.

Zdeněk Kalista

Historian, poet and literary critic. He made a significant contribution to the rediscovery and popularisation of Czech Baroque.

Kingdom of Bohemia

A monarchy that existed on the territory of Bohemia from 1198 to 1918. It was the core of the Czech lands for centuries.

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