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Zikmund Winter

Prose writer and historian, one of the founders of Czech cultural history. In his works he focused on depicting conflicts set against historical background.

Jiří Wolker

Poet, prose writer, translator and publicist, leading representative of the so-called proletarian poetry and the interwar generation generally.

Writers’ associations

Organisations of writers, theoreticians of literature, critics and often also translators. They frequently played an important role in Czech culture and politics.

Jan Zahradníček

Czech poet, translator and writer, leading representative of spiritual poetry of the 1930s and the most prominent representative of Czech Catholic poetry.

Vilém Závada

Poet, translator, editor and journalist influenced by the 1920s Avant-Garde. The main themes in his works are existential predicaments and a tragic view of life.

Julius Zeyer

Prose writer, poet and dramatist, a leading representative of the so-called Lumír generation. Author of the mythical representation of Czechs from the earliest times in epic and theatre form, he is also a part of the generation of the National Theatre.

Miroslav Zikmund

Czech explorer, writer, journalist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. Together with Jiří Hanzelka, he went on several expeditions on practically all continents.

Jan Zrzavý

Painter, graphic artist, illustrator and scenographer, a prominent figure of interwar Czech Avant-garde. His works are characterised by a simplicity of volume, lyrical harmony and imagination, which brought him close to Poetism.

Jiří Žáček

Contemporary writer and poet, author of textbooks My First Reader (Moje první čítanka) and The Little Reader (Malý čtenář), as well as of fairy tales and poems for children.

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