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Podsemín Bridge

Stone single-arched bridge spanning the river Žehrovka in Podsemín. It has appeared in several well-known films.


Polarography is a queen among analytical methods. It is used everywhere when it is necessary to determine the composition or content of various substances.

Bohdan Pomahač

Successful Czech plastic surgeon living in the USA. He was the first in the world to perform a full-face transplant.

Praga (car manufacturer)

The third largest car manufacturer during the First Republic. It manufactured cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft and agricultural and military vehicles. The current owner of the brand, the company Praga-Export, Ltd., manufactures cars again.

Praga Alfa (1913-1922)

A line of Czechoslovak Alfa cars from the Praga factory in Prague, produced between 1913 and 1942.

Praga Alfa (1928–1942)

The longest produced cars in interwar Czechoslovakia, labelled as “cars for hundreds of thousands of kilometres” in its advertising slogans.

Praga E-114

Czechoslovak single-engine aircraft manufactured by ČKD Praga in the 1930s in Great Britain.

Praga Grand 8

Luxury car produced by the Praga car maker, used by the highest political representatives of interwar Czechoslovakia.

Praga Piccolo

The most widespread car in Czechoslovakia before the Second World War. It was declared the most beautiful car on the 1938 Geneva car show.

Praga V “Charron”

Debut car of one of the largest car makers in interwar Czechoslovakia. Smaller size of its body and engine made it perfect for the role of massively affordable means of transport.

Prague Bridge in Hradec Králové

Single-arch iron Art Nouveau bridge spanning the Elbe in Hradec Králové. It is the oldest road bridge in the city, opened in 1910.

Prague Bridge in Plzeň

The oldest preserved stone bridge in the world. It was built probably before 1750 on the location of the original wooden bridge.

Prague linguistic circle

Linguistic circle founded between the two world wars. Its international significance exceeded the field of linguistics and influenced many other disciplines, especially in the humanities. Its works in semiotics, language culture, aesthetics and philosophy have contributed to the development of functional linguistics and structuralism.

Prague Metro

The only metro in the Czech Republic. It began operating in 1974 on line C, while the first sections of lines A and B were added in 1978 and 1985 respectively. It has witnessed several historic events. It transports approximately 500 million passengers a year.

Prague pneumatic post

The only preserved municipal pneumatic post system in the world. It is currently out of service, but it was still operational at the beginning of the 21st century.

Prague Semmering

Railway track built in 1868–1872 between the Smíchov and Jinonice railway stations in Prague. It was nicknamed after the Austrian mountain railway because of the difficult terrain and beautiful scenery.

Prague underground utility corridors

The network of underground utility corridors in Prague is one of the most modern in the world.

Press stud

Czech invention that is a part of every person’s clothes or accessories.

Jiří Přibáň

Czech lawyer and sociologist working in Great Britain.

Jan Evangelista Purkyně

Internationally renowned Czech physician, physiologist, anatomist, biologist, poet, philosopher, translator and national revivalist.

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