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Saint John’s Bridge

The oldest stone bridge in Moravia.

Sázava Pacific

Railway track running near the river Sázava, named by Czech hikers, whom the wild natural beauty of the local countryside reminded of the North American transcontinental track, the so-called Pacific. Sázava Pacific reached the peak of its glory in the interwar period, i.e. in the First Czechoslovak Republic.

Josef Sekyra

Czech geologist, rock climber, adventurer, polar explorer and an internationally acknowledged scientist. In 1969, he became the first Czechoslovak to reach the South Pole.

Czech internet portal and the largest search engine in the Czech Republic. It has more than fifteen different web services, including, and Email addresses ending in are some of the most commonly used ones in the Czech Republic.

Slapy dam and hydroelectric power station

The sixth largest dam in the Czech Republic. It is a part of the Vltava cascade and apart from producing electricity, it also regulates the flow of Vltava and protects from floods.

Soft contact lenses

One of the most famous Czech inventions, used by more than 100 million people around the world. They were designed by the Czech inventor Otto Wichterle, who created the first lenses using a Merkur construction kit.

Spálov hydroelectric power station

Industrial but also artistically valuable building.

Miloslav Stingl

Czech explorer, adventurer, ethnographer, writer and documentarist, the honorary chief of the Kickapoo tribe.

Sugar cube

Invention patented in 1843 by Jakub Kryštof Rad, director of a sugar factory.

Vladimír Svatý

World famous Czech inventor in the field of textile production. He was made famous by the invention of the air-jet loom, which resulted in radical changes in the weaving technology, weaving machines and textile factories around the world.

Antonín Svoboda

Czech inventor, computer scientist and founder of the field of computing in Czechoslovakia. Creator of the first Czechoslovak computer. His work significantly contributed to the development of automatic computers.

František Xaver Šalda

Literary, theatre and art critic, essayist, writer and dramatist, a leading figure of Czech Modernism. He advocated the independence of art from non-aesthetic connections and the idea of criticism as a creative activity.

Šítkov Tower

A water tower that State Security used in 1980s for spying on the building where Václav Havel lived.

Škoda – Laurin & Klement 110

Czechoslovak car from the 1920s. One of the last “Laurin cars” and one of the first “Škoda cars”.

Škoda 100 and Škoda 110

Although it did not have the best engine, stability or a good heating system, it was the first Czech car with a production exceeding one million units.

Škoda 1000 MB and Škoda 1100 MB

The first Czechoslovak car that Czechoslovak citizens could save up for in three and a half years.

Škoda 1101/1102

First post-war Škoda car. Because of a shortage of tyres, it was sold without them in Czechoslovakia. It was exported to 76 countries world-wide.

Škoda 1200/1201

The car famous for appearing in the cult Czechoslovak TV series The Ambulance (Sanitka).

Škoda 15T (ForCity Alfa) tram

Three-segmented, low-floor tram characterised by a unique construction featuring four articulated bogies. They allow for a maximum use of space for passenger. Its fully low-floor design makes it unique among all the other trams operating in the Czech Republic.

Škoda 440

The first Czechoslovak car that was intended to be a “people’s car”.

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