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Škoda 4R and 6R

The first Škoda cars after the merger with the Laurin & Klement company. They already had only the Škoda symbol on their radiator instead of the combined Škoda Laurin & Klement symbol.

Škoda 645

Luxury car that was successful even during the Great Depression. It was used by state authorities and institutions of interwar Czechoslovakia.

Škoda 860

Škoda 860 was one of the flagship cars by the Škoda carmaker. It is one of the few cars to sport two fuel reservoirs.

Emil Škoda

A Czech engineer, innovator, entrepreneur and ingenious manager. Founder of the company that later became a part of modern-day Škoda Auto.

Škoda Favorit

Škoda Favorit was one of the best automobiles produced in the Eastern Bloc. At the beginning of 1990s it won the Autocar road test.

Škoda Felicia (1959)

The last Czechoslovak convertible, which Miss USA helped make popular.

Škoda Felicia (1994)

The first Czech car after 1989 to become one of the symbols of a typical Czech family

Škoda Hispano-Suiza

The first and the most expensive Škoda car in history. Its owners included, among others, the Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Škoda Octavia (1996)

Five million sold units gave birth to a legend.

Škoda Plzeň guns

World-famous guns manufactured by the Škoda company. They were the mainstay of the armament of the army of the Habsburg Empire and the first Czechoslovak Republic. Many of its products were world-class technology.

Škoda Popular

The first pre-war “people’s” car by Škoda.

Škoda Superb (1934–1949)

The most luxury car series by Škoda in the pre-war period.

Škoda VOS

Luxury armoured limousine for representatives of the Czechoslovak government and army, produced between 1948 and 1953.

Šmolík Š-1/Š-2

The first mass-produced aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia. Its successful development significantly influenced the future of the domestic aircraft industry.

Tomáš Špidlík

Cardinal, professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. One of the most important Czech theologians working in the Vatican and an acclaimed expert in eastern spirituality.

Štěpán Bridge in Obříství

A bridge that came from Croatia.

Ladislav Štoll

Marxist-Leninist journalist and literary critic, one of the leading representatives of the socialist-realist concept of literature and Stalinist (Zhdanov’s) view of art. After the 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état, he was a member of the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia.

Štvanice Hydroelectric Power Station

One of the first industrial hydroelectric power stations on the Vltava.

Jan Švejnar

Czech-American economist and university teacher.

Tankette AH-IV

Light armoured vehicle produced between 1936 and 1950 by the company ČKD. It was one of the most advanced vehicles of its kind and was successfully exported to several countries.

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