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Jaroslav Heyrovský

Czech physical chemist and inventor, author of the polarographic and electroanalytical methods. The first Czech to be awarded a Nobel Prize. He had a major influence on physical chemistry in Czechoslovakia and in the world.

Josef Hlávka

World famous Czech architect, entrepreneur, conservationist, member of parliament and patron of Czech education, science and culture of the 19th century.

Holešovice Power Station

One of the first power stations in Prague. In 2002, its preserved parts were declared cultural monument.

Emil Holub

Czech physician, ethnographer and explorer, who went on two expeditions to Africa and created a large natural-scientific and ethnographic collection.

Antonín Holý

World acclaimed Czech scientist who developed drugs for treating patients infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS.

Hranice viaducts

Viaducts in Hranice in Moravia represent a part of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway and are among the longest in the Czech Republic.

Aleš Hrdlička

World-famous Czech physician and anthropologist, who spent most of his life in the USA but was always a Czech patriot and a patron of anthropological research in Czechoslovakia.

Hydroelectric Power Station Háj – Třeština

Hydroelectric power station that aspires to be listed on the UNESCO list.

Hydroelectric power station on the Elbe in Hradec Králové

Monument of industrial heritage built in Art Nouveau style, located near the historic centre of Hradec Králové.

Charles Bridge

The oldest surviving bridge in Prague, spanning the river Vltava. It is one of the most popular monuments in Prague.

Charles University

The oldest university in Central Europe and the largest university in the Czech Republic. It has been the centre of science and education in the Czech lands for more than 600 years.

Industrial Palace in Prague

Impressive Art Nouveau building in the Holešovice district of Prague. Exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, etc. take place there.

Jan Janský

Czech serologist, neurologist and psychiatrist. Famous for classifying blood into four basic types and discovering the fourth blood type.


The oldest Czech company manufacturing motorcycles and mopeds. It was founded in 1929 by František Janeček in the Nusle district of Prague. The company also produced small cars in limited series.

Jawa Minor

The cheapest pre-war car in Czechoslovakia.

Jevišovice reservoir and dam

Unique Moravian dam built with Italian help. Apart from protection from floods, it mainly serves recreational purposes. I

Jordán Reservoir

The oldest water reservoir in Central Europe, located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Tábor. It supplies water to the city and is also a popular recreational centre.

Josef Jungmann

A representative of Czech National Revival, linguist, writer, translator, lexicographer and teacher. He made a significant contribution to spreading the use of Czech language in the society, improved the quality of literary language and vocabulary, including professional terminology.

Jiří Josef Kamel

Czech Jesuit, missionary, explorer and most of all pharmacist, healer and botanist. Camellia flowers were named after him.

Jan Kašpar

Pioneer of Czech aviation and one of the most famous aircraft designers and engineers. The first Czech to fly a long haul flight and a flight with a passenger.

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