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Kbely Airport

Principal airport of the First Czechoslovak Republic. It was used by presidents and the military.

Václav Klement

Businessman, engineer and one of the most successful Czech entrepreneurs. In collaboration with Václav Laurin, he founded the now globally successful Škoda (called Laurin & Klement at the time) car maker from Mladá Boleslav.

Emil Kolben

Pioneer of Czech electrotechnical industry, entrepreneur and inventor. Founder of the company Kolben & Co., director of Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk (ČKD).

Zdeněk Kopal

Czech-American mathematician, astronomer and astrophysicist, who was also well-known in the fields of ballistics and aerodynamics. He became famous for studying the Moon and eclipsing binary stars.

Kryšpín’s locomotive identification marking system

The original Czechoslovak identification marking system for railway vehicles developed by the engineer Vojtěch Kryšpín in the early 1920s. The system was valid from 1 January 1925 until 31 December 1987, when it was replaced by the Czechoslovak Railways with a new, basically still valid identification marking system.

Křižík Fountain

A fountain with lights and music, located in the Holešovice district of Prague, on the premises of the Exhibition Grounds. It was built in 1891, on the occasion of the General Land Centennial Exhibition. The fountain got its current appearance in a reconstruction before the General Czechoslovak Exhibition.

František Křižík

Electrical engineer and inventor, the “Czech Edison”. He built the first electric power station on the Czech territory and started a revolution in public lighting. He electrified the tram network in Prague, built the first railway line in Austria-Hungary and built one of the first electric cars in the world.

Křižík’s power station in Písek

The oldest hydroelectric power station in the Czech Republic, which made Písek the first Czech town with continuous street lighting.

Labská Dam

Dam on the Elbe with the highest altitude.

Laurin & Klement Type S

Car that the Laurin & Klement company owe their success to.

Laurin & Klement Voiturette A

The first car produced by the Škoda car maker.

Legion Bridge

A bridge spanning the river Vltava, built in 1901. It connects Národní třída with the Lesser Quarter, over Střelecký Island.

Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava

A regional airport capable of serving the largest aircraft in the world, such as An-225.

Lesser Quarter Water Tower

Water tower also called Petržilkovská. It is the lowest water tower in Prague and also the only historical water towers on the left bank of the Vltava.

Let L-13 Blaník

Czech glider, the most common and frequently used glider in the world. It is still in service, half a century since its introduction.

Let L-200 Morava

Czechoslovak twin-motor light airplane produced between 1957 and 1964. It was exported to almost every continent and in 2008 it reached the North Pole.

Let L-410 Turbolet

Twin-engine high-wing short-range transport aircraft, often used for passenger transport. It has been produced without interruptions since the early 1970s. More than 1,200 aircraft have been produced and they are in service in more than 50 countries.

Letňany Airport

Airport in the Letňany district of Prague. It is a popular venue for events such as music festivals. Its grass surface was declared national natural heritage.

Letov (Latecoere Czech Republic)

Aircraft manufacturer with headquarters in Letňany, Prague. The company was founded in 1918 by the Ministry of Defence of the Czechoslovak Republic and is one of the oldest aircraft manufacturers in Central Europe. It currently produces components for the most famous aircraft manufacturers in the world, such as Airbus and Boeing.

Jiří Levý

Translator, theoretician of literature and founder of Czechoslovak translatology. However, his concept of the theory of translation was not properly acknowledged in the politically hermetic Czechoslovakia of his time.

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